The Standing Council on Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment (SCOTESE) endorsed newStandards for Training Packages, developed by the National Skills Standards Council (NSSC), on 16 November 2012.

The purpose of the Standards for Training Packages is to ensure Training Packages are of high quality and meet the workforce development needs of industry, enterprises and individuals. The Standards apply to the design and development of Training Packages by Industry Skills Councils (ISCs), which are then endorsed by the NSSC.

The Standards for Training Packages replace the Training Package Development Handbook (which includes the previous Training Package Development and Endorsement Process) and are now available on the NSSC website:

The Standards for Training Packages are supported by the following two policies:

  • The NSSC Training Package Products Policy supports the design of Training Packages
  • The NSSC Training Package Development and Endorsement Process Policy describes the process by which Training Packages are developed and endorsed and provides an explanation of key steps to be implemented by ISCs